Research publication (2021)


This book is a collection of texts in which I explore the potential of a choreographic tool, namely the score, for writing. I started this journey with the idea of creating scores for collective participatory performances. Throughout the process, and the period of confinement we found ourselves in, the research transformed into an exploration of writing. I’m looking into what kind of performance these texts can produce with a reader.


In the various pieces of writing the idea of the score was used differently. Sometimes a piece is a score itself, sometimes it is written by following one, and in other times it uses an idea of engaging with a score (as a performer) as a reference for understanding the experience of reading. Many times the score is present as a kind of resonance in the text—as if the score is its ancestor, but the evolution (or mutation) has taken it towards a literary form (what if we call them scories* ?).


These texts try to move the reader through encounters with, and imaginations of, the material environment. They go into the environment where the body touches, is touched or transforms into other matters, where relations reveal their dynamics or turn out to be not what we assume. The process of writing and imagining begins with observation. I observe the body, its surroundings, and the imaginations that are evoked by them. I invite the readers to attend and observe the body, the environment, their perceptions, and their imaginations. The text within this publication is a newly discovered cavern with many yet unexplored corridors.

This publication is produced by a.pass (Advanced Performance and Scenography Studies), on the occasion of a.pass end presentation February 2021. My participation in a.pass and the realization of this research would not have been possible without the support of Grażyna Kulczyk’s Research Scholarship in the field of choreography granted by Art Stations Foundation.

* The term scories was proposed during a mentoring session by Myriam Van Imschoot, 2020, Brussels.